Wednesday, August 14, 2013


So I got to the Philippines.

I got an overpriced taxi to my hotel, but I came to terms with it quickly. I didn't want that to get me down.

My hotel was pretty nice. Basic, but clean and convenient.

The bed was FANTASTIC!

Queen sized bed, soft, big pillows, comfy blanket, crisp and white sheets.

l stretched out on it and I could feel all my cells sighing and relaxing.

I even called for room service. Fancy stuff.

In the morning I ordered a breakfast, and gave the guy exact change. He was surprised and looked at me kind of odd. And then I realised I'm not in Korea anymore, where you only pay for your purchase, and the service is included.

I don't like tipping.

I especially don't like expected tipping.

I'll tip if the service is exceptional.

Tipping culture is annoying.

I suppose I must get used to it.

Or at least figure out a way to make people work for their tip.

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