Friday, August 6, 2010

First Week

The first week is done!

I taught 2 classes, and they both went really well.

I did really great on the first one, and I did even better on the 2nd one.

I've learned so much and I've actually incorporated all that, plus my own abilities and previous knowledge into my lessons.

I'm so proud of myself!!!

Someone mentioned something today that really made me thing...

I'm learning to be a better teacher in a language that is not my first nor second, but third language!! That's phenomenal!!!

I've met some really good people here too.

Sarah, Ryan, Mike, Kristin, Michael, Landon, Cat, George, Surat, Branwin.

It's past midnight right now and I've retreated back to my room... I've had a bit too many wine coolers and I feel all peopled out.

As a last note: I'M REALLY PROUD OF MYSELF!!

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