Tuesday, August 17, 2010


1st assignment - PASSED

2nd assignment - SUBMITTED, waiting for it to be returned

1st lesson at the intermediate level finished. It went great :)

2 more assignments to go, 3 more lessons to go... WHOA!!!

I'm almost halfway through the 3rd week.

Time is going quickly, but it feels like I've been here a LONG time!!

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Unknown said...


All these entries of yours about your course, your homework and assignments is getting me nervous about the CMA program I'm starting next Saturday, so today in a week. We've been warned numerous times that it's a very difficult program (yes, they actually put this in writing several times) and at a live intro session on the net yesterday, the guy said 'the next 8 few months will be very painful but worth it.' My mind kind of froze at the 'painful' part.... So, I'm trying to prepare mentally for the agonizing intelectual mind-expanding experience that will start next week. Next time when you see me, if my head will be 3 times bigger, don't ask why. :-)

Glad to hear your course is going well, though.

Te pup,