Sunday, August 1, 2010

New people

So, everyone arrived today.

There are some interesting people...

A few of them are actually teaching in Korea as well. What a small world.

From what they are saying, it sounds like they are having a better experience with their life in Korea, mind you, it might be just their way of impressing people or making their own situation sound good. Who knows.

I also know that I'm not there for the teaching anymore, while all these people, considering that we are all at a CELTA course to improve our teaching abilities, are still interested in teaching.

It's funny to listen to some of them talk. Talk too much. I'm not saying much. I just want to observe for a while.

Tomorrow the course starts. We got our binders with the outline and assignments.

We also went to TESCO. Mainly to get supplies, but I had no idea what to get. I have a notebook, and a pen. What else would I need?

I did buy 3 cans of mosquito spray. They are insane here. Doesn't help that we are right beside a lake either. So I've got to make sure to lather up.

I think maybe in 2 weeks I'll do another shopping trip, to buy some other things that I didn't decide I needed this time.

My room is nice. I've got air conditioner. It's sooooo nice to sleep in a cool room. I wonder how Abby is coping with the Korean heat.

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