Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the city

So, I'm back in Chiang Mai, and am waiting around for 6:30pm to come so I can take a bus to Bangkok overnight so I can fly to Qatar in the morning.

I'm here in an internet cafe mainly to charge up my eBook so I'll have something to read on the 7 hour flight tomorrow.

Leaving the people at Panya, and also leaving the place itself felt strange. I feel like it wasn't really good bye. Maybe I'll see those people again, maybe I'll go there again, or maybe I didn't get close enough to have a strong feeling about leaving. But, this community is pretty small, considering the whole world population, so I'm pretty sure I'll meet them again.

It was a really interesting experience. I have to think a lot about this to come to a fuller understanding of it. Very cool!!

I've also accumulated almost 500 Gigs of music, permaculture resources and various documentaries. I can't wait to get back to boring work and have that time to go through that information. Fantastic stuff!!

AND! I've also got LOADS of pictures. AMAZING pictures :). (coming soon)

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D.A.N. said...

Looking forward to the pictures from Thailand AND Qatar.