Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New In-between Plan

So, in order to do the Permaculture Design Course this September, I'll have to postpone my employment in Qatar. YAY!!

So, I can take some much needed time for myself and my interests and do some travelling.

In August I can go back to Canada and take my stuff and my cat so she has somewhere to stay while I'm travelling.

Mid August I can go to Romania and visit family for two weeks, then go do the PDC till mid September.

Mid September I can go to Thailand (south) and do a 2 week detox/clensing program! YAY!

Maybe go up to Chiang Mai and visit Panya for 1 week.

Then go to Peru and take part in a Ayahuasca journey of selfdiscovery :) YAY!

And then, go back to Canada early November (perfect timing) and apply for work in Qatar to start in January.

Voala! EVERYTHING taken care of!

I like this plan!


Unknown said...

Wholly, molly, that's some plan, all right!!! Can you take me in your suitcase? :-)

D.A.N. said...

Mai gud gad …
And Monica agrees to keep your cat for 3 years?
And how much money will you spend on all these trips?
And have you booked it for Romania?
And are you sure they will accept you for the next year in Qatar?
And … bladi ‘el …!