Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, I'm here. It's really not what I thought a modern desert city would be like.

The whole country and mentality is TOTALLY different than anything I've experienced so far. It's totally incredible. There's a definite class system where everyone including the white faces (white westerners) fit in. In other countries is usually not so blatant and in your face, but here it's totally out in the open. It's something you are not exposed to on a regular basis and to be able to make it here you just have to accept how it is and get over it.

Also, when I flew into Doha, wow! The waters surrounding the peninsula were so blue and beautiful. Then, looking left past the water at Doha, wow! It was all sand. Looking closer I could see that all the low lever buildings and housing were all also sand coloured. No green, no colour, just sand colour everywhere. That was a HUGE change coming from Thailand, where flying over shows masses and MASSES of jungle full of vibrant shades of green.

Every place has it's own style, and getting your mind around that is always a challenge.

I miss Panya though. I miss the green, the birds, the fresh bananas and papayas, I miss the vegetarian meals, I miss the work, I miss the talks, I miss the communal living, I miss the ideas and ideals, I miss the dog and cats, I almost also miss the mosquitoes, but not really. I miss the feel of Thailand, the friendliness of the people, the kindness of the buddhist mentality. I miss the humanity and the care of nature. I miss it all!!!

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