Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Geojin BBQ --> June 21

So, every week we have a dinner get-together in my district. It's a chance to meet up with the other teachers, to speak English, and to eat home cooked western food.

June 21 was the last day of beautiful summer weather. We had only 2 beautiful weeks, with beautiful weather, and the rest has been just rain.

It was Michael's turn to cook, and since it was a beautiful day outside, he planned to have a BBQ in front of our building.

It was wonderful!!

It was slow starting it, but we got it going eventually. 

 Mike prepared some pork burgers, beef is just too expensive here. He also had some marinated mushrooms and an assortment of sausages.

 Simon and Bernard. Simon is from England. He lives in the next town over. Bernard is from Ireland, and he lives next door.

 Awwww, how sweet!

 That's Mike in the background. He's from California and also lives next door. In the front is Logan. He's from the States somewhere, and he lives in the next town over next to Simon.

All the wonderful things we had... mmm.

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