Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not Ho-do --> June 4/5/6 2011

This trip was meant to take us to Ho-do Island, but as you can tell from the title, we didn't end up going. In turn, we did camp out in a strange Korean style camping area, surrounded by cars, and people, and shops, and many other very non-camping things. Anyways, this was my first time to travel with this group, with the Seoul Hiking Group/Club, lead by Warren, the very scatter brained and seemingly flustered character.

Here we sat down and prepared to cook some meat in a pat on a gas range. I was waiting for the grill to come out, for some proper pieces of meat to be cooked. That didn't happen.

This is Jenny, a new friend. She is the lucky person who adopted the cute little puppy I found.

This was my backpack. I brought way too many things for just a weekend. But I've learned, and now I pack really well, and travel pretty light.

Our tent. It was pretty big.

This is my new friend Jenna. She's from England, and super cool. We got along really well.

Beer, the beverage of choice.

Jasmine, "holding" the beer for someone.

Jenna and Warren.

Kyle cutting some wood, and Warren freaking out.

This guy just joined our little camp and was playing with the fire for the longest time. By the time he finished, it was dark and he had gone through 2 of those gas canisters. Weeeeeeird!

Yay :)

We had a nice fire going.

The next day we stopped by a convenience store and found these things. I've heard my students talk about them, even seen it on some of them, but never really saw them in the store. Well, Koreans, especially girls, like to have the western style double eye lids. When they can't afford to do the surgery, they'll use this little tape and tape up their eye lid. It's the most common plastic surgery in the whole country.

The next day we went to another beach where we were waiting for the ferry to come.

Finally on a ferry going to another island.

It was so misty everywhere.

It was also low tide, and you could walk for a very long time and not get to the water.

People were digging up these things to eat.

Warren inflated his little boat and took a nap.

The boys went out for a paddle. The water is pretty far away.

So, here's how to dig these things out. 1. Use a shovel to remove the sand. 2. Watch for any bubbles to come up.

3. Pour in some salt, 4. Watch as the little foot comes out and grab it really quickly.

YAY!! I got one.

This is what they look like.

We kept looking everywhere.

Jenna took some really cool artsy pictures.

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