Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seoul Weekend (Little shop of Horrors) --> June 25/26

I made a new friend. Her name is Jenna. She's from England. We've only hung out for 1 month but it feels like we've known each other a very long time.

This weekend was the first in a long time when I went to Seoul to actually meet up with a friend and have things planned.

I got to Seoul pretty late, as usual. I went to Express Bus Terminal. It's a HUGE bus terminal. It's a subway station where 3 subway lines intersect, and it's also got a HUGE bus terminal for intercity buses. Besides that, It's connected to a massive department store, and it's also got loads of restaurants and shops underground. You can definitely spend a whole weekend in there doing all sorts of things. There's also a cinema, and Jenna and me decided to go see The Green Lantern 3D.


This was the first time I saw a 3D movie and it was fantastic. We had to get some evidence! Do you like my stylish glasses? I sure do! :)

Then, we stayed at a small Jimjilbang (24 hour sauna) also in the Bus Terminal. It's very small and not crowded at all. The sleeping area is SUPER comfortable. It's quiet, it's dark, it's not cold, it's not busy, there are thick mats on the floor and they even give you blankets. Perfect place :).

In the morning we met up with another friend Jenni, and we went to a breakfast restaurant in Itaewon (the foreigner district).

Jenna had this awesome looking and tasting thing: French toast with bacon and awesome cheese and syrup. WOW!!

I had eggs Benedict, with salmon and potatoes and spinach. I wasn't very impressed.

Jenni had a traditional breakfast. All delicious!
I felt so normal being there and having a normal breakfast in a normal restaurant with normal people. WHOA!

Then we went shopping and at 7pm we went to the musical: Little Shop of Horrors.

At the end, we just had to take pictures with the props. Fantastic!!

Wish I could have gotten inside.

Then, when we came back to take the bus back home, we stopped at Crispy Cream and had some delicious donuts and a bacon thingy. Mmmmm!

And Jenna did the same :)

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