Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new appartment

So, now I am in Geojin. A super small town/village on the east coast of Korea, close to the DMZ. The DMZ is the border between North Korea and South Korea, so there are quite a lot of army bases and soldiers around. The area is very beautiful. It's quiet and there isn't really much to do, but the beach is 5 minutes away, the mountains are not too far, fresh fish can be bought at the pier every day, everyone says hi and I recognise my students all over the town. I am teaching at a Middle school. The students are grade 7, 8 and 9. They are super cute and I haven't been nervous AT ALL about dealing with them. I am very happy with pretty much everything so far. My co-teacher is a nice but quite absent-minded little old lady. She is very cute and I can see is trying to do her best to help me get everything in order.

This week I'm not teaching, I'm only observing and hanging out in the teachers lounge at my desk. I did have to teach a class today. It was very last minute and I wasn't prepared at all, but it was ok and I managed a class of 35 students all by myself as the first time new teacher. I was impressed with myself. I can't wait to see how I'll do when I'm all prepared and have a nice lesson plan and games and activities all laid out :).

Ok, enough talking, here are some pictures of my apartment and area. (These pictures are in reverse order)

So, this is the playground in front of my building.

Reminds me of the one I used to play in when I visited my gramma in Romania.

The front entrance.

That's me :).

This is the east shore of the country. You can see it out of my balcony and it's only a 5 minute walk from my place.

Beautiful beach and beautiful water. Can't wait for next summer.

This is my living room. The bed has been moved into my bedroom now. Once I finish moving everything around, I will take more pictures and post them up on here.

My couch. That's right!!! I HAVE A COUCH :D.

My super amazing balcony.

Two HUGE wardrobes just for me. I hope all my clothes will fit in there :).

The view from the front door.

You can see the bedroom there.

And my bathroom with a bathtub. It's pretty rare to get a bathtub in Korea, so I'm very excited to soak in there.

And here's a full shot of my living room. Nice eh?


Anonymous said...

Hello again!
So, living in a small community for a change, eh? That might turn out very nice indeed in the end. Watch though out for your habit of drinking and singing nights on streets ... (good God, I would like to see that for myself!). Well, I’m sure teaching this grades will be more fun that the one with the little ones. But preparing games? Well, a class of 35 IS big. Back in Europe there were at most 25. And what would you teach: conversation only or grammar and literature too? Is your co-teacher Korean?
Well, yes, nice “little” apartment. Did they furnished it entirely or you have some of your own stuff as well? Do not forget to post the finished look out, as well as pictures from “down-town”. It is a change from Seoul, that’s for sure, but at the end of the day, having to live for a whole year in such a small community, would be another good experience for you.
Well, have ... fun!

Liv said...

Dani! The apartment looks amazing! You sound very happy and I'm glad things are going super well! =) I miss you everyday and I haven't forgotten about you still! I have classes for the next 2 days (early) so I won't be able to call you.. but I promise I will this coming week. xoxoxo

Unknown said...

Dana, amazing apartment. It looks nice, big, airy, bright and ... you have furniture! :-) It looks very nice - enjoy it to the fullest!