Monday, April 9, 2012

Theater and Hiking the Jagged Ridge - April 6, 7

A weekend full of greatness always starts with a terribly delicious meal. And here was mine. I had pumpkin cream soup. I told myself, ok, I won't eat the rice balls inside, so then this meal will be good for my no carb diet. Hmmmm, only to read in the menu, that this is pumpkin and rice porridge. I still ate it, and enjoyed every spoonful of it, but felt guilty afterwards. I immediately called my fitness buddy and confessed my transgressions. He advised me what to do to counteract the intake of carbs, and subsequent cheating behaviour. 

Passing through the subway in a very rich area, the walls were full of plastic surgery advertisement. They go a bit like this: You are ugly? We'll make you beautiful. You look Asian? We'll make you look White. You got small eyes? We'll give you big eyes. You got a big chin? We'll give you a V-line. 
You're crazy? Sorry... can't do anything about that. 

This was on Friday by the way. As usual, I came to Seoul early to be on time for the trip on Saturday morning. But, unlike other times, I actually planned to go see a show that evening.

The name was DV8, like "deviate". 

It was very interesting. But, I forgot my glasses and had a hard time seeing what was going on. And they all had really strong English accents, and I couldn't make out everything they were saying. But, I still enjoyed it.

Then I picked up the pamphlet for the musical Wicked. I already bought tickets for me and 2 other friends. 

In the morning, we were off on a boat/ferry to an Island to do a hike. The hike sounded alright, not too difficult, a few hours, and we'd be done. NO PROBLEM!

I was cold, so I used my gloves as socks. I always do that. It works.

It was early and the boat was full, and everyone was tired. Oh, this is a Korean style boat, where there are no seats, just floor space where you can spread out and take a nap if you feel like it. We all felt like it.

And this is where I was. All the way down at the bottom of the country on an island.

Me all bundled up. It was spring and still chilly.

And here's the start of the hike. Right through those little houses. 

Oh, this hill doesn't look so bad. Go up, go down, and finished.

OH CRAP!!!! We're going along that middle ridge?? Are you kidding me???? Nope, not kidding. We started on one end of the island, and got to the other end of the island. It looks small on the map, but believe me, it wasn't small at all.

And here we go.

Everyone's happy and excited.

Are we there yet? No, not even close. 

First peak. It's all so pretty. WOW! I've done it. 
Nope, not even close.

Made it to the 100th peak. I was exhausted by this point. 
There weren't really 100 peaks, but it sure felt like it.

And just as u get to one peak and think it's over, you see the ridge, and realize you still aren't close enough to the end.

Wohoo! We're going down now! 

And back up!

And up! Crazy rocks!

And more crazy rocks.

I was so glad I brought food with me. Yes, I brought Salmon on this hike. It saved my life!

And now we use these ropes and just walk down this cliff. OK?

We hiked all that. So, this is not even the half way point.

Oh wow, stairs. Really a nice change from the rope and cliff scenario.

More crazy rocks.

More crazy rope.

See? Hold on, and walk down the cliff. It's just that easy. 

Break time again. YAY!! More Salmon. I also had broccoli and olives.

Ok, you can do it!! Climb!!

Oh my god!! Are we really walking that ridge? 
Yes, we are. Unless you just want to stay here.

This time, we had to climb up using the rope. 

This is what I hiked!

And this!

And the magnificent view from one of the peaks was so worth it. And the feeling of accomplishment, and exhaustion, wow!

Next day, Sunday, we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in another town. Those pictures are coming soon.

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