Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Election Day Midweek Break - April 11

Wednesday was election day in Korea, so most people go the day off. It was really nice. So, we gathered some people and went over to Sokchos famous Gamjatang.

This is not just any ordinary sort of place. No no. This place gives you so much meat you are really really surprised when you see the mountain of meat and bones sticking out of your soup. Usually you get 1 or 2 bones if you're lucky, but here you get 3 massive meat filled bones.

And then you eat, and pick at it, and eat, and pick at it, and you eat the side dishes, and then this is what you get in the end :).

Amazing!!!! This is pork spine stew, with kimchi and potatoes inside. It's amazing!!!

Then we headed over to the bowling alley and played a few games.

While Simon was bowling, Bernard was Tweeting and Instagraming about this glorious event to the world.

Then, we went to the movies. YAY!!! I'm trying to remember what we saw, but I guess it wasn't all that well since I'm not coming up with anything. ..... ..... ..... ..... Ah yea, "The Hunger Games". Meh, that's all I got to say.

The best part of it was the squid snacks I got before the movie. I figured they were the most Paleo friendly things to eat in that whole place.

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