Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I cried 6 times on this trip.

The first time when I was phisically and mentally done for the day, then realised I had to walk 5km more to the next town where there was an albergue.

The second time when I got to the to of "Monte do Gozo - The Mountain of Joy", because it was the last climb before Santiago.

The third time when I got to the cathedral, and passed by a person playing the bag pipes, I was tired and sore and wet and cold, and just flew the last 4.7km through the city, and there was the cathedral, the end of my journey.

The 4th time was when I got my Compostella, the old latin document that states you walked the entire way. The recognition of my achievement, like a diploma of personal growth.

The 5th time was the next day at noon, at the pilgrims mass, when the nun was leading the singing, and the packed church was singing along. The priest was addressing the pilgrims and talking about their, our, journey.

The last time when I left from Finisterre, left Maria there on the side of the hill, and now was going back for 1 more day in Santiago with Genie. Then I saw a Camino sign pointing to the path and I just couldn't hold it it.

What an accomplishment, what a wonderful feeling to be done. I am so proud of myself. I am a pilgrim. I am proud of myself. I have done what so many have not been able to do. I am very proud of myself!!

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Anonymous said...

Well, modest as usual (that reminds me of something ...) but, yes, well done!!!
Very well done.