Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Camino Teachings

I've learned:

- to let go of things that happened in the past

- to not rely on technology

- how rude it is to be on the phone when together with others

- that when faced with a seemingly impossible task, to just break it down into small managable parts and then everything is doable

- to really appreciate the little things

- to listen to my body

- to trust and stop secondguessing my decisions

- that everything I do is my choice, that I make the decisions and thus have to live with the consequences

- that I have to do what is good for myself

- that being alone is good for my mind

- that being with other people is necessary for my heart

- to be myself no matter what other people think or expect

- that after overcoming a great challenge, it won't be just smooth sailing from there on; there will always be new challenges to face

- to follow my own path and pace

- that I don't need that much food

- that age is not important; it's the mental and emotional growth that really makes a person wiser

- that rest days are important for the body and mind

- that day dreaming is not constructive, but only a distraction from reality

- to trust my instincts

- that I value modesty and a good social ettiquet in people

- to channel my energy towards things I want, not towards things I want to avoid

- to be inspired by people, but not to immitate them

- that I am more alert and energetic in the morning

- that big meals don't help my energy levels

- how important itis to surround myself with people that share similar values as me, but to distance myself from the people that trample all over them

- I am Morning Fire Amazon Ninja

- that everything that happens has a lesson in it; i's not just a bad or good experience

- that change happens all the time, regardless if I rush it or try to delay it; so just enjoy what is happening in the moment

- trust in the way, and it will show itself

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Right and ... good again.