Friday, November 1, 2013

Last stretch

Today, Friday, was a day I wanted to give up. I was ready to take the 30 minute taxi ride into Santiago instead of walking the last 30km.
It was raining, it was cold, the wind was blowing and I had no more energy. My heels were killing me, my shoulders were stiff, I was done with the forest and could not appreciate the beauty around me anymore.
But, as in life, one has to go on. I started this journey and I promised myself not to take the bus or taxi and even though I wanted to give up, I couldn't do that on the second to last day.
We were 5km short of our destination, but the 3 of us were wet, cold, tired and hungry. So we decided to stop and find an albergue. When we did, they didn't have the restaurant open, and the next place was 2km up the road.
We walked for another 30 minutes along the dark highway in the rain and wind, but we eventually found it. 
They had a nice fireplace inside. It was really nice and warm and the food was great too.
It was a tough day.
I'm glad I hung in there and made it through that difficult day.

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