Friday, April 20, 2007

Recovered to my regular happy self

Well, the storm has passed (metaphorically speaking, because it's actually raining outside) and I am good again. Have reclaimed my neighborhood and don't care about the stares anymore.

I went and observed another school for a day and saw how they run their kinder classes and it was really helpful. I got to analyze not only their way of doing things but also my own technique and I have learned a lot. I have been applying it to my own classes and it has been working really good. Slowly the kids will learn and remember the rules :).

This weekend I'm going with the Seoul Hiking club ( to Deokjeok Island on a 2 day trip. Looking forward to get active again.

I have started wearing brighter colours and lighter things instead of my usual black, grey, brown and blue outfits. It's a nice change :)


Unknown said...

yes, happy and bright colours do make a huge change. Especially when everything is grey outside, cold and yuckie. Mona

Liv said...

Hey!!! I absolutely LOOOVE your photos!!! I Miss you SOOOO MUCH!!!! (Have I said enough of that yet?) hehe..

Starfish and mating crabs.. that's what I would like to see also! I am soo tired of the everyday routine in a city that I NEED to get out for a weekend or so... I can't wait!! lol..

Ps. I see a cute man in one of your photos! *wink* hehehe