Thursday, April 5, 2007

Amazing shower

So, today I finally was able to have a good shower. The way the hot water works here, is you have to heat it up. There is a heating unit in the room, you push the button to one side to heat the floor or to the other side to heat the water. There's no reservoir or anything where hot water is heated and stored, so I have no idea how this works, but I could never get hot water for more than a minute, then it would be scalding hot after which it would go back to being freezing cold. So I had those quick wash ups. Today, I left the heater on for the water all day, and took a shower when I got back and OH MY GOD!!!!! I just stood there basking in the warmth. I never thought I'd enjoy a shower soooooo much. I feel so squeeky clean now :D hehehe.

Alright, off to bed, it's already waay past my bedtime.

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Unknown said...

Crazy! That's worse that my experience in Bad Segeberg, Germany where I lived with that old woman and that told me not to USE the shower. HAHA.