Thursday, April 5, 2007

What a day...

So, this is what happened today: 6 hours on the subway, countless naps, 2 destinations, one missed appointment, 2 hours of prep done before 10pm (amazingly incredible), some wonderful street food (sweet vanilla pancakes with an egg inside, squishy rice flour 'muffins', creaaamy yogurt, huge bottle of orange juice, almost got strawberries too, but I'll do that another day), and to top it all off, I peed my pants. I don't know if it's the spicy food or the air or the water here or I don't know... but I have to pee sooo often, and today... well, my boss stoped me on my run to the bathroom and I couldn't cut him off and ups... luckily it wasn't visible. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! What can I say, it's one of those things. What a day, I tell you... the subway is convenient because it can get you everywhere, but this city is just waaay to big and having to use the subway is such a pain in the ass in the end.

I'm getting over my cold, slowly, lots of orange juice and kimchee :) hehehe. It's this yellow dust that's blowing over from China. I think it's time to get one of those surgical face masks and do like the Koreans do and wear it outside. On some days you can taste it and see it in the air.

Last week I went to Itaewon, an area that is full of foreigners. Wow, it was a strange world. Felt like Toronto a bit, it had people from all over the world and everyone spoke English. Straaange.

This weekend I will buy a cell phone. Get a used one from Itaewon for 60 dollars. That's as cheap as they come I hear. Sucks real bad but what else can I do? Now that I know a few more people, it's really hard to keep in touch and know who is where and who wants to do what and when. So this will be my 2nd big spending besides my guitar, which is pretty good :).

This weekend is the Cherry Tree Blossom Festival and I'll be out all weekend taking many MANY pictures. Keep checking here for them :).

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Unknown said...

u pissed your pants? Haha. Mama laughted the whole day about that. She couldn't stop. Haha.