Saturday, April 28, 2007

April Hike (late post)

Alright, so I need to post on here how the weekend went.

I went on a hiking trip with the Seoul Hiking club to Muiido island. It was quite an adventure, it took me 2.5 hours to get to the meeting spot, it was still in Seoul but at the west end, and well, it was really foggy so we had to wait for the visibility to get better but it didn't, so we didn't end up going to that island but we went to another.

We hiked up this crazy steep mountain, and the hikers were all quite experienced so it felt more like a race up and then down the mountain instead of a nice hike to enjoy the scenery and take pictures. In any case, it was a good workout.

 After that we went to the beach and rented some little huts for the night and went to the nearby restaurant and had some amazing seafood. Oysters on the grill... yuuumy, and then naturally, the alcohol started being brought out: Mekju (beer), Soju (rice liquor) and Makkoli (rice wine), wow... and then we found some other foreigners down the beach, they were having a big birthday party bonfire and so we brought some Mekju and Soju and joined their party.

We had a guitar, they had a drum and partied till we either went to bed, passed out, or somehow ended up back in our own cabins. In any case it was absolutely amazing. Coming back, I took a bus that took me pretty close to where I live and oh, was that ever a comfortable bus-ride... had suuuch a nice nap.

I met some really awesome people there and hopefully I'll meet up with them again.

Here are some pictures of me, the ferry, oh and the horse I rode at the beach, the huts we stayed in, the oysters on the grill and some pictures of the people I met. Enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

This is one of the many ferries we went on to get to the island.

There is actually an island in there somewhere, but the mist is so thick it's hardly visible.

Me on the boat, so that makes me kind of a FOB on Muiido island... HAHAHA :)

These are all little seafood restaurants on the shore.

This is the beach and part of the mountain range in the back. These are the little huts we spent the night in. They were very warm because the floor was heated, but they weren't very comfortable.

This area is very shallow and at low tide all this water goes away and you can walk for quite a while out and not get to water. It's quite amazing. You see little crabs and all sorts of life on the ground.

Hiking, this is at the top of the mountain and that is the beach at the bottom. It was a nice hike.

Me, all exhausted, resting on a rock. Awww, how nice :)

Walking down the mountain, we see the beach again. Oh look, the water is coming back in.

The ocean floor at low tide. People walking and collecting oysters and other things.

Found some mating crabs :), awwww, how romantic.

Found a stranded star-fish.

And here is the celebrating BBQ. Oysters, shells and other fancy things.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yummyness :)


The rest of the hikers enjoying the shell-fish.

With enough alcohol, the spoon singing came out. With enough alcohol, it actually sounded quite good. Hahahaha :)

Walking through the dark, probably drunk, looking for a place to pee.

The other group we met, they had a guitar too, and we were up, all huddled around the fire, trying to ignore the rain and the cold. Oh what a good night.

Don't they look cold? But oh so happy :D.

In the morning before we left, I took a ride on a horse. Horse, beautiful beach, but no sun, very cold... but still very nice :)

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Unknown said...

Awesome pics, sis. And you riding a horse - priceless. Some things money can buy, for everything else there .... my sis! Muahaha!