Monday, July 2, 2007

Rafting and Bungee jumping with Adventure Korea

Well, here's a super trip, rafting in a not so wild river, but still very beautiful. The highlight of the trip was the bungee jumping... wow, amazing experience. Enjoy the pictures.
The rafting group.

Warm up

Our boat.

Raft train :)

Taking a break on one of the beaches.

Swimming, body rafting, horsing around :)

Raft sliding, wheeeeeee :)

Bungee bridge, 54 meters high.

The jumpers.

Nervous smile before the plunge.

Can you see me kicking my legs, waving my arms, if this were a video you could hear me screaming at the top of my deep voice... hahahaha, oh what a site.


Anonymous said...

Cool! you are smiling even when you just jumped!
Brave girl :) hehe

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