Saturday, July 28, 2007


Heeeelp, I'm melting!!!

I can't believe how hot it is outside. And it's not just hot, but it's super humid as well. If I stand, I sweat, if I sit down I sweat, if I lie down I sweat, if I walk I sweat even more and the bad thing is, if I have my air conditioner on I get sick (which I currently am) so I have two choices: either melt or deal with a cold which makes me feel like I'm boiling even more. And it's gonna get even hotter than this, wow... I can't imagine it. Right now, going outside feels like a sauna, and in the evening, it's still this hot, and there's no breeze to make it bearable. It's such a strange temperature.

Anyways, on Monday I'm finally going to Thailand. Found out I'm going on my own, which should be quite an interesting experience. I don't really know anything about Thailand so I'm going today to buy one of those LonleyPlanet traveling guide books to at least know where I can find a place to sleep and a beach and some elephants to ride. Hahahaha.

More pictures coming soon :)

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Anonymous said...

A table or ceiling fan might help; or bring somebody (male preferred) to blow a sweeeeeet breeeeeze over your shoulder. That might work too!