Monday, July 23, 2007

Mud Festival (July 21, 22)

This is the famous mud festival, happens once a year for 2 weeks. It's in the middle of the country on the west coast in Boryeong. It wasn't a very well organised trip but we had most of the time free time to sit on the beach, walk around, drink and be merry :). Here is some of the evidence :).

Yup, that's me, on the beach, in my summer attire with a beer in my hand, my hair tied back... life is beautiful :D

Jo just had to get mud on herself. This wasn't nice mud, it was mud with blue paint in it and it didn't come off very easily. Jo got the new nickname "smurfette", hahahahaha!

Finally I get to sit on a beach, oh how nice :)

Interesting signs. This was really true, but the food was just more expensive and actually not all that good.

Beautiful sunset. Picture not taken by me though.

At night drinking :). I don't remember this picture being taken, I guess the alcohol must have hit in :)

Wherever there's mud, there will always be some mud wrestling. Jo and me went at it too :).

Mud boot camp. Rolling in mud, crawling through mud, throwing mud... oh beautiful mud :)

The picture says it all :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh good God!
Oh good mud!