Sunday, August 26, 2007

Travel Plans

Alright, so, after my friend Jody came back from Thailand and showed me a bunch of her amazing pictures and told me her travel stories, well, the travel bug bit me again. This time I'm actually going to plan a trip in advance instead of deciding on a whim and having only a couple of weeks of planning. I wanted to do a tour of meditation centres after January of this year and when I finish my contract at this school I'm going to take a couple of months and do that. Now, the dilemma is, do I want to go through Europe and get back the needed mojo from civilisation, or shall I brave it and do that here in Asia. Well, I'm looking at both options. So far, I've found out information from countries in Europe and a tour would be: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Romania and then finally back to Korea to start another year of fun and craziness. Now since the European Union, you can get a universal train pass for a couple of months for a decent price. This would allow me to travel to any of the 18 countries in Europe at any time for 2 months. Amazing!!!! In Asia, the countries where there's a possibility are: Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Not all will be on the final list but these are the choices. I have to wait for schedules and plan out a plausible route, also, see what the price and time differences would be between Asia and Europe. But this trip is totally possible :). It would be an amazing experience for sure!


Anonymous said...

Train is always a good option. make sure you get your chocalat if your in first class LOL ;)

Anonymous said...

I for sure would go on the asian trip, provided I would not go alone; it's not safe and it's not fun. And Asia offers a different, more to the roots, meditation approach. And now, being there, is the right moment to visit asia, not when you are in Canada or Europa. But I wouldn't go alone.