Monday, August 20, 2007


Well, I joined the gym and today was the first day. It was really hard to get myself up and go to the gym, especially on a Monday evening. I was so tired and I was getting a headache, but I said, that's it, I have to go. It was great. Well, It took a while to let the people at the front desk know who I am and that I've already registered I just had to pay. And then one of the trainers told me to follow him and he showed me a machine and just told me to get on and run for 30 minutes. It was great. I'm glad he kind of pointed me in the right direction. It was a great workout and I was sweating like mad. After that, I started communicating with a woman from there and we kind of figured out that we both like squash and they have squash courts there so using sign language we decided to go play for about 30 minutes. Wow, I was so exhausted by the end. It was nice though and she said she's there ever evening so that's perfect. I'll have a squash buddy every night and go workout and have someone to chitchat with, even though it's pretty hard since I speak very little Korean and she speaks very little English. In any case, I'm glad I joined that gym :). Now I can do something productive in the evenings during the week.


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I want to see you wear spandex and thongs like the girls in Eryc Prze's video 'Call on me'. Muahaha.

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Heeeeeeeeeey :)
did you find squash racket?