Sunday, April 24, 2011

Great sites

So, I've been finding a lot of great permaculture/organic/homestead/DIY/other kind of websites, but they are saved ALL over the place. So, I'm going to put them here as a reference not only for myself but for anyone else interested in this sort of stuff. (NOT FINISHED)

Farming/Gardening/Permaculture/Natural Building/Organic/Eco Sites:
Plant Encyclopedia
Ontario Native Plant Nursery
Toronto Community Garden Network
Worldwide Permaculture Network
Growfood - Work, Live, Learn
Manitoba Farm Mentorship
Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada
Permaculture Forums
Permaculture Meetup Groups - Ontario
Organic Farming - An Introduction - Saskatchewan
Farmer Training - Ontario
Everdale Farm - Ontario
Transition Guelph
Earth Heat - Canada
Organic Gardening and Homesteading
Eartheasy - Solutions for Sustainable Living
How to - Compost Bin
Introduction to Organic Farming - Ontario
Panya Project - Thailand
Permaculture Zone
Our Ecovillage
Permaculture College - Australia
Permaculture Planet
Eco Tips
Open Source Ecology
Permaculture Research Institute - Australia
Urban Agriculture Notes - Canada
Sustainable Farming Connection
Hobby Farms
Slow Food
Auroville - India
Organic Gardening
Illustrated Plant Encyclopedia
Buy Seeds and Plants
Buy Organic Seeds and Plants
Organic Garden Tips
Fascinating underground homes
Homemade Drip Irrigation System
Landscaping Tips
Rare Breeds Survival Trust - UK
Compost with Worms
Natural Pest Management
Ersson Rainwater - Harvest and Purify
Plants that stop Mosquitoes

Cooking + Recipes:
Food Paring and Replacing Guide

Craft/DIY Sites:
Belgian Book Binding
Cool Popups
Cannibalistic pumpkin carving
How Rice Bag
No-slip bookmark

Travel/Live for free/cheap:

Other Mixed Interest Sites:

Techy Stuff:
Facebook Disconnect Chrome Extension
Facebook Cleanup Chrome Extension
Ad blocker Chrome Extension
International Weather Chrome Extension
Translator Chrome Extension
Dictionary Chrome Extension
Click and Clean Chrome Extension
One More Gadget

Survival stuff:
Hobo Stove
Mini pot can Stove - Video
Must-Carry Survival Gear
Halcon Stove

Farmer Dating sites:
Farmers Only Dating
Horse and Country Singles
Countryside Love
Singles Corral

Knitting sites and Patterns:

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