Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chuseok Weekend Party

This is the bust terminal in my town.

This is my town.

Some local products drying up in the sun. Squid, mmmmm.

Yay, here are some people.

Josh looking all smiley and cute.

I think we are discussing something.

We spent more time in the kitchen than in the living room. Good that I had a few places where people could sit.

Guess who that is :)

Everyone went into their own philosophical discussions.

Link preparing for trouble.

In the kitchen. Thanks Lisa for the group shots. In the back: Tasha, Link, Coleen. In the middle: Jose, Stephanie and Nathan. And in the front, Josh and me. Erin and Mike hadn't arived yet and Lisa is taking the picture.

Group picture. Hm... you can't really see what we are all eating. In the back: Mike, Jose, me, Josh. And then going in a circle we have: Nathan, Coleen, Link, Tasha, Stephanie and Erin.

Ok, so I have only 1 spoon, and Coleen got it first. So Nathan had to eat cereal with chopsticks. It worked ok.

There are many praying mantes in my town, and on the rail as you go down the stairs there are always a few of them just hanging out. Jose named this one Henry, and took him on a walk through the whole town. He was a cool mantis.

It's Saturday night and we finally make it to the back. We brought some alcohol with us and we were ready to go and relax on the beautiful sand :).

Awwwww, they are so cute.

We were all telling each other why we chose to come to Korea. It was a nice.

Lisa got tired and laid down.

We found a drunk man on the stairs, so Nathan took a picture spooning with the random drunk guy. Great shot! Perfect for the family album :) hahahaha.

Saturday nights sleeping arrangements. Lisa ended up taking my bedroom because Link and Tasha wanted to sleep with us in the living room. We were having too much fun and they were feeling left out.

Everyone had a blanket.

Coleen scored the couch.

And here we go, Nathan and Stephanie making out :P.

Josh chose to sleep on the balcony. He didn't want to even take a blanket or anything to lay on. I knew better tho. I made him take something to cover himself with and also something to lay down on. It's pretty cold at night out here.

11 foreigners take over Geojin transportation. It took a while to explain to the bus driver where we wanted to go, and him to tell us how much the ticket costs. In the end everything was ok.

We were going to the Unification Observatory. Can you find the spelling mistake in the road sign?

There were nice beaches everywhere, but so many of them were fenced in with all this barbed wire stuff. I guess they worry about the North Koreans invading the shores.

Nathan was eating ice-cream. It got very messy.

I said, no-one look this way. They did well :)

This was in a little van going up to the actual observatory.

Oh Erin, nice shot :).

Yay, everyone hold on :).

I like Erin's face expressions.

Yup, this is what I thought too when I saw how the driver was flying on the narrow roads.

Some weird statues at the observatory that we just all wanted to take a picture around.

Penis wine. I wonder what it's made of.

Tasha was amused :).

I think this was South Korea.

And this is North Korea.

Beautiful mountains in the distance.

Aw, the classic shot on the big hill.

Hehehehe, Jose looks like he's got a small head in this picture. Not that he's got a big head, but you know...

After everyone else left Sunday night, we went to a Pork or Beef stew restaurant. Group pose before the food arrived.

Erin and Mike preparing to stir the food.

Me showing them how to stir it. I've got a crazy look on my face... whoa!

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Unknown said...

Hey sis, sounds like you're already having lots of fun even if you just arrived in your new town. Also, nice apartment! :-)