Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting active again

So, after realising how much time I've wasted, and how much I've ignored myself, I've kicked old habits in the ass and moved on to greener pastures, as they say.

Which means...

I've told my co-teacher I don't want a ride to work and back, so now I walk in the morning and in the afternoon for 20 or 30 minutes depending what school I'm going to. I've found these super amazing looking winding roads that connect all the houses and their vegetable gardens in the area. That's how it looked like back in the day before the big roads and before the modernisation. Very beautiful. I'll take some pictures when the weather clears up and it's a bit more sunny. Also, I've joined the gym :). I went yesterday for a "run" on the treadmill. It wasn't much of a run, more like a fast walk. But it was a good start. I'm trying to get into a good routine.

The other thing I'm doing... at work, since I do have quite a bit of time between classes and I'm sometimes too lazy to prepare lessons, I've started reading this book called "The easy way to quit smoking". It's a book by Allen Cerr. I'm hoping to quit smoking once and for all.

Another thing that hopefully is going happen here in this rural area of Korea is to start a Stitch and Bitch club. That's right, it's a crafts club. You get together with usually other women, and you can knit, croshe, do needle work, draw, do bead work... whatever sort of crafts you are interested in. And naturally, you get to talk to other women and have a nice time. There a club like that in Seoul and thankfully they meet on Sundays so maybe I'll join theirs and see what's up. I want to knit some blankets or some sort of floor mat. Who knows, something that's useful. Maybe a bed for the new cat I'll be getting next weekend :D.

That's right. I'm not used to having such a big and empty space all to myself, and a cat would be really great to have. I've seen loads of kittens around town, but I'm not sure how wild they are or if they are sick or who knows, so I'll probably go to Seoul to the cat shelter and find a cat there that needs a home :). I've tried to find a hand-me-down cat from other foreigners but those cats are passed along pretty quickly. Am very excited :). I'll make sure to put up the pictures as soon as I get her/him :).

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