Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm holding on to the flutter board, kicking the water away in this really nice and very modern looking pool, and I'm thinking about what person in my life should be the most important: my parents, my sister, my friends, or MYSELF. Is that being selfish? I don't think so... and then I was wondering why I was putting in so much energy, time and effort for an idea? Is it making me happy, not anymore... The balance of good and bad is gone, and not in a good way. I'm getting close to giving up on trying.

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Anonymous said...

Well ...
First of all, I love the nice and fitting pictures you allways choose. Sesitive soul! (Hmmm ...)(???)(!!!)
Second, of course YOU come first. But some people disregard totally the others (whoever they might be) just to be "the winners" while others ARE the winners living in harmony with everyone. I do not see any contradiction in looking for everyone while you are looking for yourselve too. I actualy think you winn twice. So, the question you put, is, in this context, pointless.
I do not know about your "idea" you are talking about, but I think that you are just a little tired. It might be a sign as well of your "settle-down" desire. I'm sure that once you settle down in your rutine, thoughts will clarify and you will se the next mark on the field again.
Cheer-up !!!!!