Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy like a...

So, I've been at this job for a month now, and I think I've taught only 10 classes so far. WOW!! In total, I only have 6 classes of middle school and 8 classes of elementary, 1 regular teachers class and 4 English teachers classes. That's even less than the 22 hours I'm supposed to teach. I've got lots of holiday, on Friday I finish work at 12:40 and then I can go home. If anyone is having to choose between public school and hagwon well, there really is no choice. Public school will always be better than the hagwon. Stress level is way down, prep time is up, holiday time is up, variety is up... I could never go back to working in those sweat shops.

You know, at my last job, I was working 35 hours a week. That's actually 35 60minute hours. Now, at this job, I work 22 hours a week. But that's not 22 60minute hours. It's 22 classes, of which 8 are 40 minutes long, and the rest are 45 minutes long. So I don't even teach for 22 full hours. I actually teach only 16.5 hours a week, and most of the time some of the classes are cancelled because of tests, meetings or field trips, I get 5 weeks or more paid holiday, I get school holidays, national holidays, weekend... This is not really work :D HEHEHEHEHEEHE. I love my job :D!!

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