Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I love my place

Yay!! So, I've finally gotten my apartment in order. All that is left is doing the dishes, sorting the things in the cupboards and finishing my laundry. Then it's all ready :). Then I have to start cooking and get some more alcohol because this weekend is Chuseok, the Korean thanks giving and we have a long weekend. So, some of the people that I met at my orientation in Seoul are going to come visit for the weekend. So, from Friday until Monday all these nice people will be staying on my floor. I can't wait. There might be either 8 or 10 people, depending if one couple come. I haven't had a party at my place in a long time, and this time it actually is my own place. After cleaning up and organizing and throwing out the garbage, it looks so neat and spacious and clean and whoaaaaa!! I will take pictures and upload them up here soon so you can all see how I've changed the apartment around. 3 more days and then it's party time :). I'm going to make a whole bunch of things and then hopefully people are going to bring some things and they can cook some things as well and we'll all just have a feast :). Alright, off to bed with me :)

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