Monday, May 28, 2012

Jeju - Saturday May 26

Last year there was a great trip to Jeju Island, the southern most island in Korea. I didn't get to go, but I heard stories, and saw pictures. This year, I made sure to get on it. I went alone, because most people had planned other trips. 

We met in Seoul on Friday evening, and took the bus down to the south to take the ferry boat. Usually, you fly from Seoul all the way to Jeju. Apparently, this route, Seoul to Jeju, is the most frequent flight in the world. 

So, on the bus, in the middle of the night, at a rest stop, I laid eyes on this awesome pillow. It's filled with little balls, and so the whole pillow just conforms around your head when you sleep. It was an impulse buy, but I knew if I didn't get it, I would regret it. I did buy it, and I loved it!!

In the morning, we got to the boat and everyone piled in. It was huge, and I'm glad of it. The ride was 2 hours long, and noone got sick. There was no rocking motion. Just a smooth ride all the way.

These 4 ladies I met are fantastic. From left to right: Me, Erika, Holly, Anita, Liz.

This is the boat terminal from where we left.

So pretty. Fast, but steady. Big boats are better!

Me and Anita. Such a funny story behind this... Before Anita came to Korea, two of her friends put her in touch with this guy who lives in Korea, so that when she'd come, she'd know someone and would not be alone. Well, it turns out, the guy that she was emailing with is Bernard, my neighbour. Small world!

Fishing lines?

After landing on Jeju, we actually took another ferry and went to Udo Island for the morning/afternoon.

First stop, getting a scooter to ride around the pretty little volcanic Udo Island.

Some people go bicycles.


I wasn't driving here. I was just focusing on the picture.

These volcanic rock walls were everywhere on the island.

What was amazing, there was no cement or anything binding the rocks together. They were just placed that way, and they were done so well that the wind didn't blow them over. Amazing!

There were also some free range animals.

People piled rocks. Not sure why, but it looks pretty.

Then we got to a really nice beach. 

Very clear water.

Group photo with the wonderful ocean.

There was a beautiful poppie patch.

Next Rememberance Day I'll use my own picture :).

We finally stopped for lunch at this Pirate place. Just at the entrance, tied to the wood fence were all these little To / From cards. It was very cute.

Our lunch.I had a can of tuna, with eggs and some kimchi, because most of the things on the menu were either with rice or with noodles.

Pretty riding horses.

This is the official Jeju statue/mascot.

And, this was on in the afternoon, on the ferry boat as we left Udo island and heading to Jeju island.

This was the last place to visit for the evening. It was a crater at the top of a 20 minute steep climb. I walked up for 3 minutes and I gave up.

This is where I stopped. But I did take some nice pictures :).

This is what it looks like from the top. It's obviously not my picture, but still. I was there, at the bottom.

These flowers smelled amazing!!

After we were done here, we went to a black pig BBQ place. It's a Jeju specialty. Honestly, it wasn't all that special. It actually tasted blander than regular pork.

Then we all got ready to go out to a bar for the night.

This is Anita fixing her makeup.

Dancing at this place.

This Korean dude was really drunk. He was doing a weird butt dance.

After having our fill of that place, we decided to head over to the convenience store, buy some alcohol and hang out there. We played "Fuck the Dealer", a drinking game that can get you pretty drunk.

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