Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jeju - Sunday May 27

The next day, we woke up really early and got on with the days activities.
First thing was a nice walk. At the shop outside of the park, this lady was selling hats. I've been looking for a good hat for a long time, but nothing suited my head. Until I found this bad boy!! 

Love this hat!!! It's amazing!

This was the start of the trail. It was such a beautiful day!

Exotic looking plants were everywhere.

These shoes I bought from Vietnam. Very comfortable, but, since they were pretty cheap, the souls started coming apart. Well, there's nothing that Superglue can't fix :).

Holly on the path.

Liz on the path. 

Palm tree. Is this Korea?

Anita on the path.

Liz, Holly and me taking a break after the 'strenuous' stroll.

There were a lot of people. They were very amused by our large group of foreigners.

There was a lagoon on the side, and some people went for a swim.

I'm not sure what this was.

But it looks pretty cool :).

And then we got to these very cool rock formations.

They are being pushed from the ground up. It might have been lava before... hm...

Off to a temple thing. I actually don't remember what this is. But I do remember I bought a coconut and had some fresh coconut juice. Oh, I just love it!!

There was this fountain, and you had to trow money right into the top bowl. I missed, repeatedly. Meh!

To the side of the path, there was this tree. I've never seen a plant like this. These hairs are curled up in a little ball, and then bloom, and look like this. Really beautiful!!

On to the waterfall area.

More hiking around.

More swimming.

This was our guide. He swam everywhere. He was walking around mostly in his swimming trunks most of the time.

My lunch. Protein. 

This totally didn't look like Korea. It was more like a scene from California or Hawaii or Florida. Large road, Palm trees lining the road, beautiful flowers. I think this was just a resort area. 

And then we went to the beach too.

More pretty Palm trees.

And naturally, more swimming.

Then we went to a temple.

It was Buddhas birthday weekend. So there were a lot of people there, decorations and preparations for the festivities.

I got some very nice incents.

These are those prayer wheels. You're supposed to walk around and spin them all, then your wish will come true.

Then we had to climb these insane stairs for over 20 minutes. At the top was a special pool of water, water that's been dripping from the top of the cave. Strange, weird, delicious, but not worth the climb.

And next. HORSE RIDE!!!!

My horse was really nice. So gentle. 

This guy was from Ireland. Very funny.

And then, LOVE LAND!!!

It's so surprising that a country that is so sexually oppressed, they'd have a place like this. It was so much fun though :).

Bathroom door handle. 

Nipple hill.

3 naked girl statues looking down from the roof of a building.

Scenes from different countries.

Pedal Pleasures!!

Anita giving a try. HAHAHA!

What a fantastic day!! We went to so many places and saw so many things. Great great day :).

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