Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Penis Park in Samcheok - May 20

So, you know how conservative and sexually repressed Korea is right? Well... there are two places in Korea where all those things are forgotten. One, as you've seen in a previous album, is Love Land on Jeju Island, and the other place is Penis Park, in Samcheok. Well, today was the day. I managed to convince two friends of mine to go to this wonderful park and have some giggles.

This is on the bus, with Bernard photo bombing my Selca (self camera shot).

Before catching the bus to the park from Samcheok, Simon, Bernard and me got some dinner. Gamjatang... yum!

Scary upclose!

I was surprised how far this actually was... slept most of the journey there.

But then we arrived, and it was incredibly beautiful.

Whoa, we truly are here.

Here we go.

Simon looks a bit weirded out. There was this drunk Korean man who came up to us and started kind of hassling us, wanting to come with us and hm... usually it would be OK, but he just didn't seem quite right. We had a good laugh though.

Penis explosion.

Where did they get the inspiration for this one? Do any of them look like this?

Samcheok and area was full of these trees with these dense flowers. It smelled slightly sweet and aromatic. Fantastic smell.

This is a pic with me in it so you can see the size of the carvings.

Who's the happiest to be here??

Heart face!

And these are penis statues with the Chinese zodiac on them.

Why? I don't know... just a reason to have more penis statues.

Whoa, gutsy Korean.

That was my reaction. I think it would be my reaction at any time, if I saw someone with his manhood just hanging out like that.

And then the bizarre started. 

Creeping on the only white man statue there. A pack of Ajumas (old Korean women) spotted me and made me blush.

For real?? Who thinks this stuff up??

The token massive penis photo.

Bernard pretending to be the owner of this.

I want to take this home and put it in my back yard.

Simon is trying too hard to be unique.

Is it pointing somewhere? Is that a clue to some amazing mystery? 

And then we got to this field of beautifully carved penis statues. We were mesmerized. 

This was one of my favorites, mainly because I like the swirly patterns.

A new design for Wind Chimes.

Souvenir shop. Obviously there's got to be a souvenir shop so you can take a bit of this Penis Park back home with you.

And now, back on the bus, on the long 4 hour journey back to my little village.

Yaaaay!!! I finally went to this park, and I didn't go alone. That would have been sad. Now I can check it off of my list of must see places to visit in Korea.


Anonymous said...

I was laughing so hard at your photos. Too funny! Didn't know there is one.

Anonymous said...

hi! i really like your post and very hard not to keep reading it ! just magically, read it up and during it, made laugh and laugh! lol. didnt know ever it would be like that! one of my friend will go there this weekend and for sure say it will be fun! want to sometimes see your fun post published earnestly!

Anonymous said...

Koreans are conservative, yet have TWO such parks. Meanwhile, N.Americans are more open-minded yet have ZERO such parks. Hmm.... Also, why are there no parks for the lady parts? Hmmm.....

Funny pics and comments, though, soro. :-)

Why am I here??? said...

Craziness. Ummm veins in the gold penis? WOW Korea

deanna roberts said...

that was sweet n funny too lol love the pics though