Sunday, July 14, 2013


So, I knew that the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who will happen November 23rd, and I'll be in Liverpool then. YAAAY!!

I'll be watching it on TV or maybe go to the cinema and see it there. But hopefully, there will be other people who are into it as well.

What I just found out though, is that there will be a big convention/party/event from the 22nd to the 24th in London, where Matt Smith will make an appearance, BUT, it's all sold out :( :(.

And then I looked for more Doctor Who actor appearances, and I found out that some of the cast members will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con. OMG!!!!!


That's going on this week and I obviously can't go :( :( :(. And I won't be able to go next year either because of my internship which will go all the way through to November.... :`(

So, I just found out about 2 great events, which I can't attend :(.


At least now I know of these events, and I've put myself on their mailing lists, and have signed up as a member, so I'll be getting event updates and hopefully, next time there's an event, I'll know about it in advance and will be able to buy a ticket. YAAAY!!

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Liv said...

LOL Dana! I've always wanted to attend a Comic-Con for Fringe and True Blood! hahaha Oh well, one day Dana, we'll be there at San Diego for all of those! :D