Monday, July 15, 2013

Looking up

I thought I was intimidated by people who were more successful in their desired field, or have figured out more things in life. I thought they made me feel inadequate and immature and naive. I thought I was jealous and resentful of their achievements.

To some degree, that might have been true, but now when I'm ready to embark on my own journey, all of that is not valid anymore.

Their struggles and accomplishments are an inspiration, something to learn from and strive for myself.

Thinking that other people have been less fortunate than me doesn't make me feel OK with what I've done so far either. 

I do feel grateful and lucky that I've had the opportunities that I did, and that I've had a safe and good life so far.

But now I feel I need to push more, fight more, grow more, learn more, struggle more, achieve more.

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Liv said...

This is an awesome post Dana. Right on! :)