Monday, July 15, 2013


Every week I get the nervous jitters before going in to work. Will I do a good job? Will I be able to teach these kids? Will my lessons be interesting, educational and relevant for my students? Will my co-teachers approve of my style and materials? 

Well, I'm looking forward to not feeling like that, not because I think it should be all easy and that I should not feel nervous at all. 


But because I don't care to be nervous for this: teaching English. 

I want to be nervous with excitement. 

I want to feel those jitters when I'm doing something I feel passionate about.

I want to feel those jitters when I'm having to teach something or do something that I love, and someone is learning from me or evaluating me. 

I want to feel alive because there are real consequences to my chosen path, consequences that I'll have to live with.

Yes, that I can live with.

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