Friday, September 6, 2013

1st week in Romania

Well, I had an awesome time in Bucharest with my cousin... I wrote a blog about that earlier but Im just waiting to upload pics.

But, since Ive been in the north with my uncle and aunt, I can honestly say Ive been drunk pretty much every day.

I got here on Monday, and now its Saturday, and Ive been drunk pretty much every day. Every day, I have a shot to help me wake up, another to help with my appetite, another to help with my digestion, another just for fun, another to keep me warm, another to help me sleep. And there are a lot more when I go visit other people with my uncle and/or aunt. I love this conty and its generous and welcoming attitude. Thank you Romania for making me feel at home.

Ive enjoyed beeing here very much.


I am trying very hard to keep in mind my own ways and aspirations.

Romania and its people are very practical, and live life simply. I cant do that. I dont follow the same life pattern. Im more confused and complicated and unsure.

Ive got some good ideas for here. I want to learn more traditional crafts, especially when it comes to the kitchen.

This weekend Im in Moldova with my uncle and aunt. Today we picked amazing tomatoes and tomorrow we will make toamoe juice. All healthy, organic, additive free. Im hoping Ill be able to get some seeds and when I go next year to my farming internship, Ill be able to plant some and do the same.

They have bees here too... which petrifies me. But I want to visit and check it out.

People here live a lot simpler lives. They all know the patterns of live, because they will do the same as as their parents and grandparents did before them, and how their friend and current family are doing now.

Go to school, find a partner, get married, have kids, take over the land your parents leave you, and take care of the grandkids... rinse and repeat.

Kind of nice, if thats what you want. But for me... well, I ended up in a similar place, but I would not have been happy with the limited experience and world view.

This country is beautiful, and the people are fantastic.

I wish I could stay here longer. Stay on a farm for a few months and learn some proper skills.

Thank you for the opportunities Romania!!!

(picture to come soon)

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