Monday, September 9, 2013

Bucharest Photos

Here are some of the lovely photos I got from Bucharest with my cousin.

 In the first morning, Irina is preparing our breakfast.

 This is the view from her balcony. In the distance, you can see the big building that's now the 3rd largest in the world.

 The cars parked downstairs. There was a car there that sold used books. I stopped and looked, and decided to buy an old Romanian book with legends.

 BREAKFAST!! "Tochitura". Sausage, eggs, polenta and cheese. YUM!!!!

 The buttons of the old-style elevators.

 Delicious chocolate filled donuts. OMG!

 My personal pizza. We went for dinner on Saturday, before we went clubbing. 

 In the club where we went, they had a photographer, and after hearing I'm from Canada and here visiting my cousin, he took our photo and later came back with this magnet, and a shot of vodka for each. Fantastic guy!

 A walk in one of the many beautiful parks in Bucharest.

 BUMPER CARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They are waaaaay more forceful than what I remember.

 I kept getting hit and thrown around in those little cars.

My cousin Irina and her boyfriend Ionut.

She's a classy gal :P

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Unknown said...

That breakfast looks so tasty and delicious and nomnomnom!