Monday, September 9, 2013

Where to make it?

Well, it's become more and more apparent that I can't make a decision on where to buy some land and build up a home.

Canada: too cold and very expensive, but I speak the language, have lots of opportunities and would know how to start what I want.

Thailand: love the weather, it's cheap, lots of opportunities, but it's too far and I don't speak the language.

Romania: the land is cheap, I speak the language, I like the customs and food, it's easy enough to travel to and from, but I don't know how to start anything here and I don't think the general mentality is very open my idea of living.

Costa Rica: great weather, close to family and easy to travel to and from, but I only have theoretical knowledge about this place. I haven't been there yet and don't know what can be done.

So, until I go to Costa Rica and see it for myself, I still can't make a decision.

I think Thailand is definitely out of the picture.

Romania, I want to own some land here. I want to keep a part of it for myself.
And I might just do that...

It's a choice that I'm not ready to make yet, and I don't think I need to make it yet.

People all around here are living such a different life. Everyone is so practical, very smart when planning their future. But in a very different direction than me.

Sometimes I feel like I'm just running away from difficult decisions, or that I'm just trying to justify my shortcomings and not work harder.

But then I remember that I already have an idea of the life I want to live. And the process, just as much as the end result, is a journey I want to make in a certain way.

I know people try to tell me the things I need to do, the steps I need to achieve, or say that time is running out, or that I need to settle down... they are not saying it with bad intentions. But I also know that their reality is not my reality, and I fully believe that you can make your life and your existence exactly what and how you see it.

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Unknown said...

Exactly girl! Tell my mother that when you see her, she keeps asking me to settle down lol