Saturday, September 28, 2013

Romania airpot

I just went through the Romanian Airport Blue Air gate. I've never seen such rudeness, disrespect and blatant money grabbing in my life.

Towards the end of the line to board the bus that will take the passengers to the airplane, there was one woman who started telling people (only the Romanian people) that they are allowed only one carry on bag, and to stuff their purses into their carry on suitcase. Then, after a few, she started picking people to fit their luggage into the narrow carry on measuring thing. Obviously many of the bags did not fit in, and a great circus erupted, about people not being able to take their luggage, unless they payed 55 Euro to give that luggage to be checked in.


And then she started rushing people that the gate will be closed in 10 minutes and they don't have much time.

A clear strategy to rip people off.

So dissapointed.

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