Monday, September 9, 2013

Iasi Photos

On Wednesday, my uncle and me went to the Iasi region. My mom went to university in this city.

We first visited the house of a lady painter. They have a huge wine yard.

 These are not wine grapes. They are just plain old delicious eating grapes. Super sweet and juicy.

They have a bunch of varieties. White and red too.

And then we went to an exposition of art done by painters who hadn't studied professionally to paint.

 These were the ones that impressed me the most. 

And these are all the artists. They got a catalog and a certificate. My uncle is the man with the white shirt in the middle.

I took a break from the festivities and went for a little walk around the art gallery. 
I stumbled upon this abandoned lot with two really pretty looking abandoned buildings. 
I wish I could have gone in to see, but the gate was locked and it was pretty high... too high to jump over.

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