Monday, September 9, 2013

Tourist in Moldova

After 2 days of work, we went out Sunday morning to see the other side of Moldova and to see a fortress in Soroca that used to protect this land from invaders from across the Nistru river.

On the other side of the river is Ukraine. Over there to the left is the customs building.

And this is the Soroca fortress. There were a few more fortresses all along this river. We were lucky that we came today. It was open. And it was the last day it would be open until next year. It was closing for renovations from the European Union. Moldova is not in the EU yet, but they are looking to join soon. A lot of things would change for these people once they do.

We got a guide to tell us a bit about the fortress. Unfortunately for me, he was talking really fast, with a lot of jokes and sayings, with references from people from old history and never history, and I had no idea what he was saying most of the time. 

All those holes used to have wood beams in them, which would support the floor that was built on it. It would have looked very very different back when it was a functioning defense station.

There are a lot of gypsies in this area, and they've all got GIANT MONSTROUS houses at various stages of building/disrepair/renovation.

And then, it was back to Romania. I slept most of the way. The roads had gotten much better once we crossed the border, so sleeping was a much easier task.

Thank you and good night!

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