Monday, January 18, 2010

1st day

Here is the start of the road through the jungle to the place where I'm staying.

The sea was too rough so we couldn't take a water taxi so I had to get a truck to go through the jungle.

It was an insane road. Huge gashes throughout the journey, probably because of the rainfall.

And there were incredibly steep hills. I don't know how that car managed to get through.

Well, so I got there, incredibly exhausted after the whole trip.

This is my hut. It's tiny but nice. It has a huge bed and a fan. What else do you need :).

This is the view from the top of the hill where my hut is. Absolutely incredible. I love all the palm trees.

I met a few cool people here. Carmen from Germany, Gabi from south London, and Gwill from England somewhere close to Wales.

Gabi didn't reserve a room so the only available room was 2000Baht. My hut was only 250Baht so you can see the difference. Well, we got some beer and went up to her hut. WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing view, amazing terrace, amazing bathroom with a hot shower, it had a hammock there which I immediately claimed. Very very very nice room.

After the first morning of training, I had to go to the main bay and get some proper shorts because the ones I had were too long and I couldn't exercise properly.

The boat ride to there was very nice because the water was pretty calm.

Coming back... that was another story. BIG waves, and we all got soaked. That's me all soaked :)

More to come :).

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Unknown said...

Nice pics, soro! Wow - that is paradise!