Monday, January 25, 2010

2nd week

Saturday is the day off, when we don't train, when we recuperate from the Friday night parties that are everywhere. Saturday I was planing to walk to Haad Rin, which is the main pier to go to for shopping, boat taxis, cash points...

With the boat taxi it's 200Baht one way, so it adds up. Gabi and me decided to walk there, which would be a 2 hour walk on a path through the jungle.

Well, we managed to walk about 10 minutes, all was full of insane up-hill and down-hill sections. I stopped gasping for air and said: "I can't make it to Haad Rin if the road is like this. Let's turn around and take the boat." And that was that. I realized I am incredibly out of shape and am absolutely not ready for a trek like that.

I feel better though, I can see some weight loss, lots of muscle building, lots more flexibility and endurance. It's incredibly how weak and useless our bodies can get when we don't exercise or stretch or move or get our blood pumping enough. Terrible!!!

Now I stand up and sit down without making groaning and huffing and puffing sounds, I can walk up insane steps stopping only once and not drenched in sweat and hyperventilating. It's only been the first week and I can already see massive improvements.

I'm eating healthy food, I'm eating lots of fruits and veggies, I'm drinking protein shakes, I'm exercising every day for almost 4 hours, and drinking lots of water.

I hope after 4 weeks to see a BIG difference.

Here are the latest pictures.

I have realized that it's nearly impossible to have clean feet here. As soon as I was them and take a step, they are dirty already because of all the sand everywhere. So I just stopped washing my feet :) hahahaha.
Also, there's no hot water showers here, and as nice as a cold shower in this heat sounds like, it's not that nice. You can't wash your hair properly, you can really soak and scrub the dead skin off of you... you just have to get through quickly and hope you don't get a heart attack from the difference in temperature.

The owner of the boxing camp had a white girlfriend and had 3 kids with her. 2 boys and 1 girl. They are absolutely adorable. The other day, the little girl came in with a noisy and nippy parrot. She managed to keep the bird still for a second so I could snap a picture. Very very cute :).

Saturday night, the boxing group and Gabi from the next resort went out on an insane drive through the jungle to a town 45 minutes away for a BBQ. Originally we were promised Karaoke but the Thai leader of our little excursion was too drunk after the BBQ to go anywhere. We went to a Thai BBQ Buffet. It was really interesting and very tasty, as you can tell from the picture.

So what this was... A bowl with coal underneath and you could roast the meat in the middle and on the sides you'd put water so you can boil the noodles, veggies and prepared fish things. Reminded me a bit of Korean food, but this was much better :).

As you can see, I was quite happy. I got some dog biscuits from a local shop and by the end of the night had 4 dogs swarming around waiting for treats.

By the time we got back to Horizon, the boys who didn't make it back up to their bungalows just crashed out in the main area and passed out. I stayed up with Levi (he's from Australia) and watched Blood Diamond and talked about crazy things.

The next day, we were all tired and hung over, just chilling out and waiting for the electricity to come back on. To the left on the rocks, we saw some movement and realized it was this huge lizard walking slowly like a baby Komodo Dragon. Amazing looking thing.


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Super faine poze si ma bucur de descrieri si explicatii. Ce experiente faine, sora-mea. Te pup!