Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, so I'm off.

Am now in Sokcho waiting for 7:10pm when my bus leaves to go to Seoul. I've decided to take the subway to the airport. It'll take about 2 hours and about 3 transfers, but the buses to the airport just suck!

I bought some wine, a Snickers and am ready to start my trip right.

Am meeting up with 2 friends who are flying out same day as me just earlier, and we're gonna camp out at the airport overnight and enjoy some wine and stay warm.

I hope they don't kick us out :).

I'm so excited.

This is the first time I'm actually really excited before going on a trip.

This will be such a different experience. I'm going for 1 month and am staying in the same place the whole time. Also, I'll have something to do, a schedule, a work-out schedule, so I'm super excited about getting back in shape and enjoying the beautiful surroundings!!!


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Unknown said...

Enjoy, stay out of trouble (ahem!) and take lots of pictures! Love you, miss you already! Monica