Friday, January 22, 2010

Beach time

So, yesterday I didn't do any training. I was soooooooo exhausted.

I didn't realise how intense the training was. First day was ok, 2nd day was ok but my muscles hurt, then Wednesday I had trouble walking so I got a massage to fix me up, but oh wow, Thursday I was just useless. I could not even get up out of bed. So I just slept and laid about all day recuperating. My stomach muscles hurt the most at this point, and I could not walk, sit up, turn, eat... I just felt sick and weak. I just slept.

This morning I felt great though. My stomach muscles still hurt a bit, but not as much, and all the other muscles finally got used to the movements and the force and now they are ok too.

I'm really happy with my progress :).

Here are the latest picture.

This is the main beach where people congregate in the area.

Yup, I'm ready to go sun tanning.

I needed some meat, so I went to the other side of the hill to a restaurant that served meat. I had this dish. It was french fries, salad and schnitzel covered in a creamy mushroom sauce. I also had a water melon juice. Amazing.

After walking back, I stepped wrong on some rocks and twisted my ankle. Luckily it wasn't too bad but I still decided to skip the afternoon training session and keep my foot up.

Found a little secluded beach with a reaaaaaly nice restaurant. Had a nice nap and got tanned. I haven't burned yet. I've been really careful and putting on lots of sunblock.

This was the BEST Phad Thai EVER. It's noodles with chicken and bean sprouts and a creamy sauce. Sooooo good. I'm actually going there again for lunch today.

This is my new friend Gaby. She's totally awesome. She's from England and worked at BBC making documentaries and such. Really amazing lady. On top of that, she used to work with the sister of Robert Patterson. You know, the Twilight vampire cute guy. And she met him too. Awesome!! :)

As I was walking down from my camp, I looked right and saw a little lizard hanging out on this bush. It was super pretty so I just had to take a picture.

Also in my camp there is this banana tree. Amazing to see them grow and not just buy them from the supermarket. I'm going to pick one later and let it go yellow and then try it out. I'm curious if it'll be any different than the ones you get in the store.

And this is the little sign for my Thai boxing camp. They are in the process of making it bigger and nicer. They are building some more bungalows and also adding a lot of plants and beautiful flowers, and hopefully today they'll get a few computers and the internet so I don't have to go too far to check my email.
We'll see :)


Unknown said...

awesome pictures and your sunglasses are REALLLY nice! Looking good, sista! ;-)

Liv said...

Again, great photos... I already saw them on FB but I thought I'd comment on them anyway! :)