Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Party and Training

As we were driving to Tong Sala through the jungle at night, only a lonely hand could be seen in the darkness from the back of the pickup truck!

Holger was trying to hold on as we were driving at maximun 10 km/h through a trail that was going UP and DOWN.

Then we hit a flat bit and everyone cheered!!

We went to a really nice open place where everyone was relaxing, drinking beer, eating and listening and watching some Thai performers and musicians.

Here is the crowd.

This is Carmen from Germany. She was a bit tipsy.

Poo is on the left with the beer and Nang is on the right. Poo is a trainer and fighter, but Nang speaks better English.

This is Holger. He is from Germany. He is very courageous. When we were at the market, he kept buying weird things and eating them.

He found a green mango tree and picked off a mango. Then he took out a knife and proceeded to carve it up.

It looked really delicious and he seemed to enjoy it.

This is Gwill from England. Get got 2 black eyes in the first week so now he's trying to toughen up :).

This is Levi from Australia. He has a great smile and is very interesting.

This is one of the two dogs at the camp. She guards the camp and walks you to your bungalow at night when you are going to sleep. The rest of the time she just sleeps wherever it's cool.

These are some of the Thai staff playing poker in the afternoon.

This is the new watch Mao bought for me. That was really sweet of him :).

I finally got used to the Thai shower: a big bucket of cold water and a bowl to splash yourself with.
After getting over the initial shock of the cold water, I did a really good job at washing my hair. I felt so clean afterward. My feet were still dirty though.

This is a Thai Red Bull Energy Drink. I think it's going to become a daily ritual now. It helped me soooo much with the training in the afternoon.

So this is how training starts. First we do some rope skipping.

Then we have to stretch.

And stretch some more.

Then we get your gloves on and so now we are ready to kick some ass.

Mao and Me. I'm practicing kicking him.

This is me grabbing Maos head and trying to knee him in the face. It's really fun, especially when you got to do it 10 times really fast :) :) :).

This is how I was today after a really intense training session. And I still had to do 50 full sit-ups and stretch.

This is the gang:
From the top left: Carmen, Gwill, Holger, Levi, Simon
From the bottom left: Will, me, Pang, Kalle, Leon


Unknown said...

Salut soro, ma bucur ca iti place asa de mult acolo. Arata super fain si pare ca te distrezi f. bine acolo. Misto ca ai si colegi nemti. :-) Distractie placuta in continuare si ma bucur ca faci din nou sport. Love you, miss you. Mona

Liv said...

These are some very nice photos!!! :) Love them!