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Flying and ATV --> May 21/22

Another fantabulous weekend in my Weekend Adventure Marathon.

This weekend, the trip was down to the mid west coast of Korea in a town called Anmyeondo. It's a bit north of Boryeong where the annual Mud Festival takes place.

This time I went with Korean Safari, one of the 5 or so tour groups that offers weekend tours to foreigners like me.

On Friday I got a mad urge to clean up my apartment. I vacuumed, moped, did a load of laundry, put away a lot of clothes, did some dishes, watered the plants, played with Abby, tidied up... did really really good.

But, what this meant was that I said in my town a bit too late. I missed the last bus, so I had to go to the Sokcho, which is the next town over where they have waaaay more buses that go to Seoul. So, since the last bus from Sokcho was at 11:30pm, I had plenty of time.

I left Sokcho at 11:30pm and got into Seoul around 2am. I went over to the sauna, took a shower and got all clean. By the time I was ready for sleep, it was 3am. There weren't really any spaces in the womens only room, so I just ended up sleeping in the change room. It was kinda noisy, and the lights were all on, so I didn't really get any restful sleep.

I had to wake up at 6:40am, to get ready and go meet the rest of the group at 8am.

So, here are the pictures.

 After sleeping just 3 uncomfortable hours at the sauna, I decided to treat myself to a McD breakfast :). Yay!

 Met up with Korean Safari in front of Hamilton Hotel in Itaewon. This area looks very different during the day.

 After a decent bus ride, we arrive in Anmyeondo at our accommodation. As we arrived, a LARGE group of about 200 university students was leaving. This was the initiation into their respective programs. What this meant was: drinking, drinking and more drinking.

 Then we stopped for lunch. I had bibimbap with raw fish.

 This was the lucky restaurant that got our money.

 Outside was this mama dog with her cute litter of fluffy and squishy puppies.

 They thought my fingers tasted good so they proceeded to chew on them.

 Next we went off to the ATVs. No licence or soberness required.

 I wanted to ride in this one, but it was already claimed. One must follow the rules of dibs.

 People got decked out in "safety" gear are starting to pose.

 Here's our group.

 And here's me and my trusty right veering ATV.

 Lined up and ready to go.


 And off the road now.

 Break time, and more posing.

 Yes, we are on top of a rock pile! We ROCK!

 And now we head back. It started to drizzle a bit, and no one wanted to get caught out in the rain.

 We owned the road!

 Then we went to an apparently famous fish market.

 There were lots of fish and crab and other weird looking things. I bought 1kg of prawn there. It was amazing. It cost me only 20,000won. I wasn't sure how to take it home with me, but the lady there said, that for an extra 5,000won, she'd deliver it to my house in Geojin on Monday. WHOA!! So, I bought it on Saturday, it got sent out on Sunday, and on Monday I got it. Love the delivery service here in Korea.

 They even had a fish auction.

 Then in the late afternoon, we were all inside warming up our buts on the floor, and waiting for Rio, our tour guide, to get dinner ready.

A heated debate was in the corner. Joe is trying to inconspicuously listen in on the conversation.

 Dinners begun, and 2 super cute pups have smelled the food. It looks like the little one is trying to pee on the bigger one, but I think she just wanted his attention. Wink wink!

AWWWWW! What a gorgeous face! How can you eat that?

 Eat this!! Pork and beef, and an assortment of seafood.


 Not so mmmmmmm

 Laura on the left, Deborah, Jill, Tina diggin in and enjoying the deliciousness.

 Rebekah and Eugene enjoying the food too.

 Piles of things.

Soju got passed around.

 Soju and gochu got passed around.
This is where I put the camera down and continued the celebration.

 In the morning, from the balcony of our rooms, we saw some Koreans playing this Korean game. It's like volleyball, only with no hands. Legs, head and body is ok.

 Then we decided to give it a try. It was a pretty sad attempt.

 And posing time :)

 That's right!

 It was this big!!

 Next to our accommodation.

 And then we headed out to fly.

 It doesn't look very sturdy, does it?!

 So excited though :).

 Inspecting the "vehicle".

 And I'm ready!

 Here we go...

 We're moving!


 That was fantastic!!

 What a great ride.

 I was a bit shaky after this.

Can you see how happy I am?

Then we had to wait for the rest of the people to go up.
This is Khaliun from Mongolia.

 Here she looks like a plane.

 Our fearless leader taking a nap. Hm... shouldn't he be entertaining?

 HA HA! Gotcha!

 Edward doing stuff.

 Omar doing stuff.

 Deborah doing stuff.

 Rebekah doing stuff.

And once we got into Seoul, I got off the bus early and did some shopping. I needed some running shoes that supported my feet, and I found a really nice pair at Adidas :). 

Then I went to this mall, and amazingly I found a lingerie shop that sells stuff my size. WOW!!!

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Great photos Dani! Looks like a blast!!!! And A+ for those suuuuuuper cute puppies!!!!! Hehehehe