Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WWOOFing --> May 4 - 10

For those who don't know what WWOOFing is, well, it's an amazing opportunity to learn how different organic farms work. You go and work and they in turn feed you and give you a place to stay.

I've wanted to do this for a long time, but there never seemed to be a good time. This time I did it :).

I stayed within my province.

The farm name is Bethani, and they focus on a variety of apples and Korean red peppers.

It's in Jeongseong, south west of Gangneung.

Here are some of the pictures.

 This is the beautiful log cabin I stayed in.

It's the view from my window.

  This is my bedroom. Windows all around.

 They had a little stream with a water wheel. Very pretty.

 And a nice wood swing where I hung out on my day off.

 First dinner together with everyone on the farm. 
It was a dish with 5 different cooked fish in a SUPER spicy sauce.
Very tasty!

 And these were the people on the farm. 
The guy with the hat is the owner. 
In front of him is his wife, and in front of her is their youngest (3rd) daughter. The other 4 people are some neighbours who also work together on the farm.

 This moth came by my window. It was HUGE!!

 So pretty.

 Kind of creepy though.

Making the holes, planting the tree, watering the tree. Next... 

First day outdoor lunch. My clothes were sooooo dirty. 

And this is what we did for the first 2 days. 
We planted apple trees.
We planted somewhere between 300 and 400 trees. 

This was my job. Watering the trees. 

Lunch. Everyone brought something and we shared. 
It was so nice to eat outside. 

Break time. 

Cute dog that followed everyone. 
The daughter (Erica) liked to draw eyebrows on the dog. Funny stuff. 

In the back of the truck. Left: Erica, Right: Neighbour. 

Doggy perching and sightseeing. 

Another dinner. Korean pancake and fried veg. YUM. 

 They had cows. Really cute cows!!

Awwww, so cute :) 

Feeding the cows. Yay :) 

 And chickens. Lots of chickens.

 They also had LOADS of goats. 
Unfortunately, they didn't milk the cows or the goats. 
They were all just for meat.

 And the hay/straw storage.
I was already visualizing the house I could build with these.

 Super cute dog!! It would always go insane when I walked by. 
Not because it wanted me to pet it, but because it wanted to chew on my limbs.

Left: 2nd daughter and Righ: 3rd daughter (Erica)
They also had a little pond. It was full of frog eggs. 

Froggy :) 

 And on the last day we planted the Korean red peppers. 
We worked both in a few green houses and outside.

They put these plastic sheets on the ground to prevent weeds from growing. Then, with this nifty tool, you make a hole in the ground, drop a seedling inside, and lift. The seedling gets berried and you just have to pat it down with your foot.
Very fast! 

Left overs.

I want to eat you puppy!! MOAHAHAHA

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what a fantastic experience this must have been...so glad you got to do this...you look so happy.